$15 Car Insurance?

Can you really get car insurance for $15 a month?  Perhaps, but, the odds are against you. If you look at the small print from insurance agents and websites that offer $15 a month car insurance, you’ll find that a $15 a month insurance policy is limited to a very narrow section of customers. Often shoppers looking for a $15 a month car insurance policy end up getting insurance quotes ranging from $39 to more than $89 dollars a month. Why is this? Is this bait and switch advertising? Typically, a $15 a month insurance policy is targeted to a driver with a perfect driving record, with an older car, in a very select age or gender demographic, with the most basic coverage limits. If an insurance agent can sell a $15 a month insurance policy to a 45 year old single male with a perfect driving record in a preferred neighborhood, who drives a ten year old sedan  less 10,000 miles a year, for the bare minimum of insurance coverage required by law, then they can advertise “$15 a month car insurance”.  Right or wrong, if they can find a single customer that they can cover for $15 a month, then they can advertise this way. A Northern California Consumer Investigative Reporter recently uncovered  the scam of $15 dollar auto insurance. To get an idea of a realistic insurance premium quote, a driver will need to consider driving record (of all covered drivers), type of car, age of drivers, where and how the car is kept (in a private garage, carport, or driveway), miles driven annually, and the amount of coverage required. Some insurance quote websites have you submit a form, and then sell your quote information to dozens of insurance brokers. You’ll get dozens of phone calls and emails from insurance agents who paid for your quote information. They need to sell you an insurance policy to cover the cost of buying your information. Additionally, if your state’s insurance laws permit it, they will charge you a “broker fee” upwards of $300 dollars for placing the coverage. When you compare cheap car insurance quotes at OnlineCheapInsurance.com, you get quotes directly from the national insurance carriers you select. There’s never an agent calling to sell you a different policy. There is never a broker fee from an insurance agent, since you are dealing directly with the insurance carrier: there are no agents! And at OnlineCheapInsurance.com we never sell your information to anyone. In fact, all we require is that you enter your zip code to generate the list of national insurance carriers offering coverage in your area.  You can choose which carriers you would like to see insurance quotes from. Since you are dealing directly with the insurance carrier, there’s no middle man charging you hundreds of dollars just to get insurance coverage, or charging you service fees if you need to make changes to your policy later.
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I bought a motorcycle and wanted to add it to my auto policy. It wasn't expensive, but it was more than I was expecting. I got three quotes at Online Cheap Insurance, and they were all less than what my current company charged. A policy for just my car was even lower than what I was already paying. - Lynda H
I filled out a quote form at another website, and I got 16 phone calls from insurance agents. Half of them weren't even in my town. And they wanted the same information that I had already put in the form. Pushy! At Online Cheap Insurance I didn't get any phone calls. I just picked the companies I wanted a quote from.

All the insurance companies here are names you've heard of. There aren't any no-name companies - that makes me feel safe. - Jorge A
I tried a form at cheapcarinsunrance.net, and didn't even get any quotes online, but at least ten phone calls from insurance agents. At OnlineCheapInsurance.com I picked five insurance companies and got quotes instantly. I was even able to buy my policy right from the company's website. - James N
I tried a bunch of other insurance sites for quotes. I filled out a form and got nothing but pushy salesmen calling all hours of the day. I probably got six calls from each form I filled out. When I tried Online Cheap Insurance, I got a list of insurance companies that I instantly recognized. I picked which insurance companies I wanted quotes from. It was really easy. - Gerald T
Just put in my zip code and I got a list of big name insurance companies. Even my current insurance company was on the list! They didn't have the cheapest rate, but they offered better options on towing and rental coverage so I stayed with them. I didn't know I had a good deal until I compared what other companies could offer. I can check here again when it is time to renew my policy! - Leena D